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USSCF Announces Reformation of USSCF Sign Defense Fund

The United States Sign Council Foundation has announced the reformation of its USSC Legal Defense Fund (formerly the LDF Legal Defense Fund). The Sign Defense Fund is designed to help sign companies and sign owners combat defective and unconstitutional local sign zoning ordinances. Sign applicants and/or sign companies apply to the USSCF for a grant […]

Local Judge Halts Cincinnati Billboard Tax

Cincinnati hoped to add $700,000 to its 2019 budget by placing a tax on billboards. But on Monday, July 30, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Curt Hartman wrote a stern rebuke to the plan. He wrote, “… the constant providing of additional (and ever-increasing) dollars to public officials for pet projects or even for the funding […]

“Starry Night” Mural Allowed to Remain

The Mount Dora Florida home, whose wall and house were painted to emulate Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting, is now allowed to keep its artwork. After having been fined $10,000 for violating the Mount Dora sign code, Nancy Nemhauser and Ludomir Jastrzebski filed suit in federal court, for a dispute that began in 2017. […]

New Canaan (Connecticut) Realtors Ban “For Sale” Signs on Homes

In New Canaan (Connecticut), where the average home sells for approximately $1.5 million, the Board of Realtors has voted to remove all “for sale” signs on homes by July 1, reports a Fox News online article After a six-month trial period, the Town Council could make it an ordinance. The article states, “High property and […]

Brooklyn Small Businesses Being Fined for Sign-code Violations

Enforcement of the Brooklyn (New York) sign code is hurting small businesses, reports the Brownsville-East New York Patch. It reports, “Since 2015, more than 100 business owners around the Fulton Street Corridor have been charged between $5,000 and $20,000.” “Chief Samsair, the owner of Roti on the Run at 3140 Fulton St., testified that […]

Aspen (Colorado) Police-Station Sign Exceeds Sign-code Limits by Nearly 300%

Aspen, Colorado dedicated its new police station in June 2018, and the building’s sign is nearly three times larger than what the sign code allows, reports the Aspen Daily News. “The sign, with 10-inch-tall, cut-out letters that are backlit at night and set against a foot-tall background, measures 16.62 square feet, under the city’s technical calculations of […]

Mission (Kansas) Revised Sign Code to Allow Historic Pole Signs

The city of Mission, Kansas is revising a sign code that still wouldn’t allow pole signs, but it is adding a mechanism to allow historic pole signs that are at least 40 years old to remain. This subjective provision, which would be determined on a case-by-case basis, would require that the sign “must demonstrate Mission’s […]

USSC Foundation Announces Funding for Sign-Height Study

The United States Sign Council Foundation has announced the launch of a study entitled “The Effect of Mounting Height on On-Premise Sign Visibility and Traffic Safety.” The Foundation has retained the services of Philip Garvey of Penn State University to complete the research, expected by Fall 2018. In 2003, USSC produced a study that showed […]

AACSRE Journal Provides Study of Signage Needs of Independent Businesses

In the most recent edition of The Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, one article is entitled “Providing brand guidance for independent businesses: A supplement to District Signage Standards.” Written by Lisa Fontaine, Associate Professor, Department of Graphic Design, and Susan L. Bradbury, Professor, Department of Community & Regional Planning, both at Iowa State University, the […]

Bend (Oregon) Sandwich-board Sign Code is Unfair, per Editorial

An editorial in the June 1 issue of The Bulletin newspaper cites inequitable allowances for sandwich-board signs. Attributed to the newspaper’s editorial board, the opinion piece states, “Use of sandwich board signs is far more restricted in their industrial neighborhood than it is downtown. . . “While there are restrictions on downtown sandwich-board signs, they’re […]