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Nashua, NH, Moves Forward with Downtown Wayfinding System

In Nashua, as well as in many other cities across the nation, local authorities are affirming the vital role of signage in economic development:  

New $1 Billion Terminal to be Built at Pittsburgh International Airport by 2023

The conceptual design for the new terminal was unveiled on February 20, 2019:  

Supreme Court Applies Prohibition Against Excessive Fines to State and Local Governments

The Court’s unanimous decision limits the authority of local jurisdictions to impose fines or to confiscate private property:    

City Council in Elyria, OH, Approves Grant Program for Storefront Upgrades

On February 19, 2019, the Elyria (OH) City Council unanimously approved a grant program providing financial assistance for downtown businesses to upgrade their building facades. Under this program, the city will reimburse business or building owners up to $10,000 to renovate the fronts of their shops or buildings. The grants may also be used to […]

Topeka Proposes a Comprehensive Sign Code Update

The City of Topeka (KS)  is planning a substantial revision of its existing sign code.  The proposed changes will have a significant impact on the allowable numbers, sizes and heights of new signs moving forward, but will not affect signs existing prior to the date when the revised ordinance is approved. Two public meetings will […]

Port Canaveral (FL) Plans Major Investment in Wayfinding Signage

Approximately half of the total cost for local renovations will be an $8.2 million investment in wayfinding, including new directional and electronic signage throughout the Port and along its primary highways.  

SEGD Branded Environments Event Kicks off in Las Vegas on March 26

For the third consecutive year, the SEGD Branded Environments Event will be held concurrently with the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. The event will include a slate of related seminars and local tours, plus networking opportunities for design professionals.

Video Documents Installation of Atlanta Law Firm’s Skyscraper Sign

King & Spalding brands Atlanta’s 1180 Peachtree tower with LED-illuminated channel letters:

Can Electric Signs Attract Attention and Save Energy at the Same Time?

Undoubtedly, the answer is “yes,” as clearly demonstrated by some of the nation’s largest electric-sign manufacturers, whose products are more efficient today than ever before. Here’s a link to a Signs of the Times article which challenges the notion that signs must be regulated more strictly to save energy:  

Citing SCOTUS Ruling, North Tonawanda, NY, mulls Sign Code Change

The municipality’s city attorney has recommended the repeal of a chapter in the city code dealing with political advertising based on the Supreme Court’s Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona decision.