USSCF Provides Studies at American Planning Association Annual Convention

The United States Sign Council Foundation (USSCF) attended the APA convention in New Orleans in April. It emphasized its Model Code, Guideline Sign Standards, and Guideline Sign Lighting Standards. Twenty USSCF sign-research projects have been completed since 1998, and all were made available to planners, either in printed form, on CD, or from the new […]

Understanding the Value of Signage

The following article originally appeared on the Small Business Administration website in February 2001, but it was subsequently removed. There is an old axiom that the three keys to successfully selecting real estate are “location, location and location”. The three keys that guide the successful selection and development of commercial properties are Visibility, Accessibility and […]

Analysis of Legal and Legislative Strategies

The following article originally appeared in the August 1987 issue of Signs of the Times magazine. By R. James Claus, Ph.D., Karen E. Claus, Ph.D. Donald W. Large, L.L.B. The history of sign-control legislation shows that certain approaches are successful and produce fair regulation, which benefits the entire community. Industry representatives who utilize positive strategies […]

FASI Board Member Weinstein Speaks at National Planning Conference

Alan Weinstein, an acknowledged expert on planning, who holds a joint faculty appointment at Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, and also serves as director of the colleges’ Law & Public Policy Program, will speak at two separate sessions at the 2017 American Planning Association’s National […]

FASI Executive Director Wade Swormstedt Named AACSRE “Friend”

FASI Executive Director Wade Swormstedt has been named a “Friend of AACSRE” (The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research & Education). The AACSRE Board of Directors includes 13 representatives from its university members. In addition, AACSRE appoints “Friends” to serve in an advisory capacity. In a press release, AACSRE stated, “With the interdisciplinary nature of […]

Villanova Study Examines Value of Illuminated On-premise Signs

Professor Charles R. Taylor,  a marketing professor at Villanova University, and a Research Fellow at the Center for Marketing and Policy Research, conducted a survey of business owners as to the value of illumination for their on-premise signs. Surveys were sent to 750 business owners, and 333 useable responses were received. Here are some of […]

What the Street Graphics Books Say About Signs

In 1971, the American Planning Association (APA) began distributing a book called Street Graphics and the Law, which was authored by Daniel Mandelker and William Ewald. It recommended the uncompensated taking of signs and governmental control of signs’ design, message and content. The authors stated that their conclusions were substantially based on 1956 research conducted […]

What Does Amortization Mean for Signage?

Amortization concerns the compensation for a sign that is no longer in compliance when a sign code changes. The theory is, if a sign is allowed to exist for a certain period of time, the owner of it will recoup their investment before the sign has to be removed, which is a way of circumventing the […]

Where Can I Find a Model Sign Code?

Several model sign codes have been published, and many can be viewed in their entirety. Here are a few of them. From The Sign Research Foundation From the United States Sign Council From the International Sign Association

Penn State Study Provides Optimum Lighting Levels

Illuminating signs, including electronic message centers (EMCs), at inappropriate lighting levels hurts everyone. If the LEDs that light the sign aren’t bright enough, then the sign won’t be legible at night, and the sign loses its nocturnal value. The energy used to light the sign is wasted. Conversely, if the LEDs are lit too brightly, […]