AACSRE Adds Aparna Sundar and Matthew Isaac as Board Members

The Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research & Education (AACSRE) added two Board members in April 2018, Drs. Aparna Sundar and Matthew Isaac. Sundar is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon. Isaac is the Associate Professor of Marketing in the Albers School of Business and […]

The Signage Foundation Inc. becomes the Sign Research Foundation

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF), formerly The Signage Foundation, has a new name, look and website (www.signresearch.org), but it will continue its mission of empowering communities through research on vibrant and effective sign strategies, systems and codes. “The new name better aligns with our mission of focusing on research into signs,” said Sapna Budev, SRF’s […]

Street Graphics

The following article was written in 2005. In 1971, the American Planning Assn. (APA) began distributing a book by Daniel Mandelker and William Ewald entitled Street Graphics and the Law. That book recommended the uncompensated taking of signs and control of a sign’s design, message and aesthetics. While the sign industry was making great strides […]

Street Graphics Continuing Tragedy

The revision’s major purpose is skirting First Amendment rights. The following article originally appeared in the January 24, 2005 issue of Signs of the Times magazine. By now, you may be sick of reading about the American Planning Assn.’s (APA) third version of Street Graphics. This will be the third consecutive month with coverage (the […]

FASI Board Member Prof. Alan Weinstein Addresses APA Conference about Reed v. Gilbert

Law professor Alan Weinstein, a board member of the newly formed Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry, was one of three people associated with sign-industry groups who spoke at a session on sign regulation at the American Planning Association annual conference, April 4, 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona. Speakers at  the session, entitled “Regulating […]

Some Policy Considerations For Sign Legislation – Experts and the Public

Part 5 of a series By Dr. R. J. Claus Given the range of technicalities mentioned in this series as relevant to problems of sign control, one may think the most efficient path to valid control is to rely solely on the planners. Nothing would please the professionals more. But the cities primarily belong to the citizens who pay […]

Texas A&M Study Shows No Correlation Between EMCs and Traffic Accidents

In 2012, Texas A&M University’s Texas Transportation Institute conducted a study to see if electronic message centers (EMCs) cause traffic accidents. Research included data from the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) own Highway Safety Information System (HSIS), a comprehensive database of traffic-accident records from several states. Researchers identified 135 cites in which EMCs had recently been […]

FASI Awards First Collegiate Scholarship to Michigan State Student

The Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI) has awarded the first of what it hopes will be numerous scholarships to collegiate members of the Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE). Stephanie Onwenu, a junior in the Landscape Architecture program in the School of Planning, Design and Construction, College of […]

Some Policy Considerations For Sign Legislation

The following article originally appeared in the July 1973 issue of Signs of the Times magazine. By Dr. R.James Claus The following article outlines some problems of various North American cities in dealing with the visual environment. We hope this information helps any policy-making body realize the ultimate effect that its decisions regarding signage will have on larger questions, such […]