Largo Repeals Deadline for Enforcing Pole Sign Ban

FASI participated with local businesses in a successful appeal to modify the City’s enforcement of a pole sign ban originally enacted in 2007.

At its meeting on March 19, the Largo City Commission voted 5-2 to repeal a deadline for compliance with its pole-sign ban which otherwise would have been enforced beginning in June 2019. Numerous local business leaders attending the meeting spoke eloquently about the excessive costs and loss of advertising which would result if the city moved forward with enforcement of the sign ban. FASI also participated in advocating for repealing the deadline.

When the Commission’s vote to repeal was recorded, local business owners in attendance enthusiastically applauded their decision. The Commission’s decision represents a win-win which not only respects the signage rights of businesses that maintain nonconforming signs, but also preserves a pathway for the City to ultimately reach its goal of eliminating conventional pole signs.

Bill Dundas

Bill Dundas

Bill Dundas, a 40-year veteran of the on-premise sign industry as a fabricator, installer and journalist, is President/Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI).

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