Well Begun is Half Done

With the holiday season already fading in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for sign company owners and managers to chart their courses for a new year. Driven by customer demands which tend to ignore seasons, many sign shops hardly notice what elsewhere is known as the “Christmas break.” Nevertheless, it’s always a personal challenge to walk out of the January chill and into your office to begin the chore of restarting your company’s productive machine.

For sign professionals who typically put in gobs of extra time throughout the year, it can also take some extra time at the beginning of a new year to get back on the beam. Likewise, when the Board of Directors approved my appointment as FASI’s new president/executive director in December, it brought to mind any number of bygone, winter days in the sign business when the controls all seemed to be frozen and those big diesels just didn’t want to fire up.

Invariably, what gets you through these occasional doldrums is the excitement of the challenge ahead and the opportunity to reach full sail, making this new year even better than the preceding year. That’s why I’m energized and motivated by the opportunity to support the industry’s ongoing advancement and maturing professionalization. FASI’s core mission is to be a reliable partner helping your business tackle the myriad challenges of operating a sign company in the 21st Century. Of course we’ll be shouting the good news about signage from every rooftop, but we also want to know about the barriers blocking the path of the industry’s advancement. While our efforts will principally focus on strategic approaches to issues we learn about from you, FASI also is keenly focused on the bigger picture of the fast-evolving, legal and regulatory environment in which today’s sign companies must operate.

Most of all, I look forward to the opportunity to reconnect with my many friends and associates in the sign industry. If you’re looking for new inspiration on a cold January day, look no further than the men and women of this vibrant industry. They’re distinguished, not only by success in business, but also by a willingness to share their valuable time and experience for the betterment of their chosen profession. FASI exists primarily to foster and support these exemplary efforts which collectively translate to a better prospect for sign companies to enjoy a well-begun 2019.


Bill Dundas

Bill Dundas

Bill Dundas, a 40-year veteran of the on-premise sign industry as a fabricator, installer and journalist, is President/Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI).

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