Vacaville (CA) Reconsidering Electronic Message Centers

The city of Vacaville, CA, currently doesn’t allow new electronic message centers (EMCs). It is now reconsidering this policy, and its city council was educated about the societal benefits of EMCs from testimony from James Carpentier, the director of state and government affairs for the International Sign Association (ISA). Carpentier also suggested that Vacaville include some controls for those EMCs, especially setting appropriate brightness levels and incorporating automatic dimming at night. He also outlined suggestions for appropriate dwell time (how long messages are posted before they change), size (square footage) and content neutrality (not regulating signs based on what they say). Carpentier also cited two studies, one from Texas A&M, and one from the Federal Highway Administration (both of which can be found on the FASI website) that show no correlation between EMCs and traffic accidents. To read the full article in The Reporter, go to

Wade Swormstedt

Wade Swormstedt

Wade is the former Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry and the former Editor and Publisher of Signs of the Times magazine.

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