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Many excellent books and publications about signage are available for your reading and research.

Title Descriptive Information
Sign Design Gallery 2
Hardcover, 160 pp
Contains more than 300 full-color photos from Signs of the Times contest winners.
Sign Gallery International
Hardcover, 192 pp.
Includes more than 400 full-color photos, selected from Signs of the Times contests featuring electric; neon; digital; painted and vinyl; carved, routed, and gilded signs; as well as digitally printed banners, large-scale wall murals, vehicle graphics, and entry monuments.
You Are Here: Graphics that Direct, Explain & Entertain
by Gail Deibler Finke, Leslie Gallery-Dilworth, FAIA, ed.Hardcover, 200 pp.
Features the environmental design solutions for corporate office spaces, hospitals, sports arenas, stores, museums and more, from more than 100 award-winning projects.
The Economic Value of On-Premise Signs Demonstrates the importance of on-premise signs to the public and a cross-section of businesses. Written in partnership with the California Electric Sign Association, the Sign Users’ Council of California, the Business Identity Council of America, and the University of San Diego School of Business Administration, this thorough research effort includes case studies, testimonials, and statistical analyses. ISA Catalog Item # 210 (1 lb.)
Main Street USA: Signing Off (Video) Depicts the demise of business communities with overly restrictive sign codes or ordinances. This powerful video gives a clear message that well designed and optimally visible signs are an essential ingredient for the health of any business district.
On-Premise Signs: The Vital Link (Video) Explains the various types of on-premise signs and how they serve businesses. An effective tool in communicating with planners, regulators, elected officials and civic groups.
Safety and Human Factors: Design Considerations for
On-Premise Commercial Signs
Provides statistical evidence that signs do not endanger motorists, but instead help them. Written by Richard N. Schwab, a former Federal Highway Administration program head of research on highway visibility and night driving safety, this publication covers how drivers process information and factors affecting the visibility of signs, including location, viewing angle, weather, driver vision and age. ISA Catalog Item # 380 (1lb.)
Storefronts and Facades Vol. 5 & 6,
Both volumes edited by Martin Pegler
Vol. 5 provides more than 350 photographs of unique storefront and façade motifs, themes and designs. ISA Catalog Item # 550 (3 lbs.)
Vol. 6–a 192-page compendium of more than 350 photographs, organized in five definitive chapters with inclusive commentary–provides photographs of retail storefronts and facades of commercial, industrial and recreational facilities located all over the United States and around the world. ISA Catalog Item # 805 (3 lbs.)
Winning Shopping Center Design Gives an inside look at the logistical forces and creative energies that guide shopping center projects. Includes site plans and photographs in a 4-volume set.

Vol. 3-= ISA Catalog Item # 505 (3lbs.)
Vol. 4-= ISA Catalog Item # 436 (3 lbs.)
Vol. 5-= ISA Catalog Item # 438 (3 lbs.)
Vol. 6-= ISA Catalog Item # 439 (3 lbs.)



ST Publications Materials

Title Descriptive Information
Where Have You Gone, Starlight Cafe? by Will Anderson
Softcover, 144 pp.
Source of inspiration for classic and interior design featuring postcard illustrations, odd-shaped buildings, and freestanding diners from the 1930’s through the 1960’s.
Sign GalleryHardcover, 172 pp Contains more than 300 full-color photos from Signs of the Times contest winners.
American Corporate Identity 2000
by David E. CarterHardcover, 320 pp.
Displays the work of over 400 American design firms featuring 1,500 projects in seven categories: complete identity programs, logos, package design, letterheads, corporate identity manuals, environmental graphics and corporate brochures.
Urban Spaces
by John Morris DixonFAIA Hardcover, 308 pp.
Illustrated tour of 110 projects by top architectural firms from the Oracle corporate campus in Silicon Valley to the Riverwalk in Monterey, Mexico.
Neon World
by Dusty Sprengnagel Hardcover, 229 pp.
Features more than 350 full-color photos of neon signs, graphics, and artwork from major world cities as well as classics from Route 66 and the American Southwest.
The Light Artist Anthology: Neon and Related Media
by Christian Schiess Softcover, 144 pp.
Captures the cutting edge of light as art in photographs of neon applications and interviews with 15 leading artists from Europe and North America.
The New Let There Be Light
by Rudi Stern Softcover, 160 pp.
Studies neon as both handcraft and artistic medium, providing a comprehensive visual history of over 100 years of neon.
Vintage Neon
by Len Davidson Hardcover, 224 pp.
Tour of neon in working installations, collections and museums, featuring over 350 photos from exploding bowling pins to lassoing cowboys.


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Wade Swormstedt

Wade Swormstedt

Wade is Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry. Formerly he was Editor and Publisher of Signs of the Times magazine.

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