Sign Research Foundation Releases Typography Executive Summary

“Typography, Placemaking and Signs,” the four-part white paper series originally released by the Sign Research Foundation (SRF) in 2014, is now available, free of charge, in a four-page executive summary.

Written by the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Craig Berger, and produced by SRF, the paper includes:

  • The History of Typography and Place;
  • Environmental Typography Best Practices;
  • Typography and the Code—ADA and Egress Codes;
  • and Typography Case Studies.

This executive summary highlights three key takeaways from the report:

  • Environmental typography is a natural outgrowth of the desire for people to explore and comprehend the outside world.
  • To successfully carry a message that resonates, typography must be successful on its own as well as integrated into a complete and effective overall design.
  • Codes and regulations apply to graphic information including symbols and type, and those who understand the intricacies and overlapping governance are usually the most successful.

The complete 54-page paper can be viewed at

Jeremy Keith

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